Ciara Rose Griffin Founder+Producer+Director+Actor

Kate Britton Founding Member+Producer+Director+Actor

Tyler Potter Founding Member+Playwright+Actor

a party of moments Collaborators:

Ciara Griffin Actor+Director+Producer

Kate Britton Playwright+Actor+Director+Producer

Kendra Mylenchuk Producer

Beth Gardiner Director

John Budge Playwright+Actor

Anthony Sferra Music

Jaime Puerta Actor

Heloise Wilson Playwright+Actor+Producer

Michael Kane Actor

Lloyd Mulvey Actor

Hollye Bynum Choreographer

Gillian Todd Actor

Hailey Faust Film

The Wolf+The Woodstove Collaborators:

Zac Thomas Set Design+Construction

Kevin Heard Sound Design

Rosie Ayers Actor

Salina Chatlain Actor

Andy Greenfield Actor

Michelle Girolami Actor 

Carrie Collier Actor

John Budge Playwright+Actor

Tyler Potter Playwright+Actor

Kendra Mylnechuk Director+Actor

Ciara Griffin Actor

Hailey Faust Graphic Designer 







Kenrdra Mylnechuk Co-Founder+Producer+Director+Actor

John Budge Founding Member+Playwright+Actor 

Hailey Faust Graphic Designer