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Due to an overwhelming response to our annual retreat, we have added an addition this summer. Join us in August for our first ever ALL ARTIST RETREAT.

This retreat is structured after the Writer’s Getaway Retreat, but we are expanding the offering to interdisciplinary arts. Any artist of any kind is welcome to come and be supported.

About our retreat:

Each day begins with an optional yoga practice specifically sequenced to invite creative expression and quiet the chatter of the mind.  This is followed by nutritious seasonal breakfasts prepared by our chef Matt Brill formerly of New York's Esme, a delicious eatery in Brooklyn.  We then enter 3 hours of silence in all common areas of the property.  Perhaps one day you choose to work on the large deck, contemplating views of Dome Mountain or the Yellowstone River; another day, you wander over and write in the apple orchard, or in the privacy of your room.  We break the silence for a lunch hour, and then enter a few more hours of focused work.  

For those who are ready for adventure, we offer optional daily excursions (guided hikes, touring Yellowstone, hot springs soaks) before dinner.  Each night after dinner there's the option to share your work if you feel inclined, or just sit by the campfire listening to some good mountain music.

What we offer:

  • 6 hours of silence/day 

  • 3 beautifully prepared meals per day from chef Matt Brill

  • optional morning yoga practice with Kendra Potter (beginner to advanced levels welcome)

  • tour of Yellowstone National Park

  • visits to local hot springs

  • guided hikes in the Montana wilderness

  • private or shared rooms with a shared bath

  • curated community of other creatives from around the country

  • the gift of unscheduled and unstructured TIME

What we do not offer:

  • structured workshops or classes

  • uninvited feedback on your work

  • required participation in any aspect of the retreat

Rate:  $800 private room/$600 shared room

(includes 5 nights lodging, 3 meals/day, snacks, yoga, hikes, trip to Yellowstone).

This does not include transportation to or from the retreat. Please note that some of the optional excursions may involve an extra fee.  If your application is accepted Payment is non-refundable and must be received upon acceptance to hold your space.

Questions? Want to join us?  

For applications please Contact us @


Writers retreat getaway 

October 8 - 13th, 2019 

No Vacancy

To be apply for the waitlist please email us at          

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Past Retreats

2018 Gardiner Montana

“MT+NYC Writers Retreat was one of the most unique and restorative writing experiences I've had…I left the retreat feeling restored and whole in a way I had not thought was possible. From the first yoga class that was focused on voice and creativity to the soak in the Boiling river, to impromptu conversations with other incredible women who are committed to their work, I was enchanted, engaged and taken care of…the accommodations are fantastic: the rooms are warm and cozy, the bathrooms are clean and heated, the food is so good, you'll think about it for weeks afterwards and wonder where to find hummus that tastes like that.”

- maryam A. Ansari Writer, illustrator


2017 Gardiner Montana

This retreat was a writer and artist’s dream. I could not have dreamt of a better location- Montana was simply epic and majestic. The retreat was truly curated to meet the needs of every writer present, offering a environment that is both supportive and freeing. Ciara and Kendra took us on gorgeous hikes, showing us the beauty of Montana whilst guaranteeing guidance and productive writing time.
— Heloise Wilson
The MT+NYC Collaborative’s Writer’s Retreat has been instrumental in giving me a dedicated time and space to focus on my writing projects. During the past two years, I have written a TV pilot, a feature profile article, and set the groundwork for several future projects. To do this in a comfortable lodging space surrounded by the Montana mountains with elaborate meals provided for me has made this retreat a highlight of my year.
— John Budge
My time at the MT + NYC Collaborative Writer’s Retreat was a profound homecoming...The backdrop of Yellowstone Park mixed with hot springs and hiking, yoga and nutritious, delicious meals complimented the creative process in a way I have never fully experienced (or allowed myself to). The words “fully integrated” come to mind. In a stillness and beauty unique to Montana, I was able to quiet my mind and unearth a short film for the first time as a solo writer. It gave me a new found confidence in myself. You couldn’t be in better hands than with Ciara and Kendra.
— Jenna Ciralli

2016 bozeman montana 

I had SUCH a great time on this writing retreat. I felt so at peace in the stunning wooded surroundings and was able to write without any self-criticism. Who knew that a clear mind and high elevation could elicit such an outpouring? I really enjoyed the silent writing time, then had beautiful experiences with the other writers once it was time to chat, and took stunning walks every day. It was classes with Kendra...extraordinary snacks and meals...I feel very grateful for this idyllic and creatively fruitful retreat.
I miss having such a soft brain. LA is intense and it’s hard to be as free in my thoughts as I was out there. I had a really, really good time, and I loved prioritizing writing, which I rarely get to do.
— Miriam Katz
The yoga in the morning was a real high point. As was the quiet time for writing. The food was incredible - healthy, delicious. I loved the way we shared the work in the evenings. It felt very safe and special. It was really entertaining, too. Everyone really tuned into each other’s work in a caring and insightful way. On top of all this, we did sightseeing in Butte, hiking, and hot springs. Amazing. There was also a great feeling of camaraderie. What a great and inspiring group of people you brought together.
— Louise Crawford
I ended up writing from scratch a first draft a play—something I had not intended to do. The house, the only sounds others rhythmically typing, everyone energized from the morning’s vigorous yoga session, was the perfect environment in which to start something new, too tired from the previous evening’s hike to be overly self-critical. Also, having the constant fear that a bear will barge in at any time does help you write a little faster and be less precious about each word choice...the other attendees couldn’t have been smarter and I couldn’t feel luckier to now have them in my life...The experience is something I will never forget. PS... There’s a boiling river. A BOILING RIVER.”
— Jeremy Hersh