Our Mission:

As a collaborative, we are deeply interested in both rural and urban audiences: how they are similar, how they are different, and where the universal human experience lies in extreme differing demographics of people.  We seek to use the audience as a lens to discover where our story's universal truths reside. We are dedicated to sharing Montana with urban artists and NYC with rural artists through productions and writers retreats.  

Who We Are:

We began as a group of artists who met at the University of Montana.  After we planted our Montana roots we spread across the country and have decided to continue collaborating with each other through theater and film.  We use distance as something to keep one another close.  Working together across the country keeps us in touch, it keeps us creative, it keeps us dreaming.  We want to spend time and create work in the places we call home, Montana and New York City respectively.  We are making a path to create work with artists we love and admire, new and old friends based in Montana and New York. Our "Montana Family" that is ever growing with amazing artists we are so proud to collaborate with. 


Mason Wagner + BetweenTheLines Theatre, Jeremy Sher, Sarah Kelly, Liza Buzytsky, Peter Musante, Ben Seratt, Alexis Powell, jenna Ciralli, mark Volinski, Carolina Do, Vasile Fluter, Peter Mills Weiss, William Burke, Noel MacDuffie, Hannah Boreal Kanengieter, Beth Gardiner, John Budge, Tyler Potter, Ciara Barsotti, Anthony Sferra, Jaime Puerta, Heloise Wilson, Michael Kane, Lloyd Mulvey, Holly Hamper, Marin Sewell, Anna Martin, Taylor Lennox, Cole Milligan, Kelly Boama, Gillian Todd, Hollye Bynum, Hailey Faust, Zac Thomas, Kevin Heard, Rosie Ayers, Salina Chatlain, Andy Greenfield, Hannah Yazzalino, Carrie Collier, Monte Jenkins, Jeremy Hersh, Becky Schankula, Chelsea Marcantel, Rachael Clemmons, Mia Rovegno, Christina Roussos, Kate Morris, Erika Weinheimer, Nora Gustuson, Hannah McKechnie, JJ Bozeman, Hadley Boyd, Danielle Beckmann, Abby Judd, Lawryn LaCroix, Alex Beck, Wayne Petro, Marisela Grajeda GonzalezGeraldine Leer, Gabriel Elizabeth Kadian, Aja Sherrard, William Hubbard, Alexandra Milak, John Williams, Philip di Domenico, Ashley Thaxton, Liz Hall, Rachel Bass, Leannet Rodriguez, Laura Gragtmans, Ryan Bundy, Kristine Olsen, Kate Eastman, Lexi Lapp, Rowan Vickers, David Samuel, David Corenswet.